One Rory McIlroy Fan Was Perfectly Shut Down After Shouting “Get In The Hole”

“GET IN THE HOLE!!” If you watch golf you’ve definitely heard that said before and you may even be a culprit yourself. Well one Rory McIlroy fan at the Irish Open this weekend finally got a response to the well known annoying phrase with a “GET OFF THE COURSE”. 

You can’t really tell from the video who the comeback came from, but it could have been an annoyed fan or even Rory’s caddie. Whoever it was got major support from twitter fans who appreciated someone basically telling the guy to shut the f**k up.

The screaming idiots roam across continents apparently.

Get in the hole, baba booey, all of the things people yell out at tournaments can get annoying but it is really the only way fans can express themselves besides a good ol’ golf clap. While most of them are idiots, they are also just over enthusiastic golf fans. If we kick all of those people out, we would just be hurting the game.

If the golfers hated it so much they would have said something by now, and they are the only ones that really matter when it comes down to it. Until a professional protests the idiots are free to be idiots.

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