WATCH: Fan Films Himself Getting Hit In The Chest With Pro’s Golf Ball

Being a spectator can be a dangerous thing at golf tournaments. It’s inevitable that with thousands of people standing around someone is bound to get hit.

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Most of the time when fans are hit with a ball it is from far away, usually a wayward tee shot or fairway shot. This time the ball came from extremely close during a punch out by 26-year-old Bud Cauley.

Source: Business Wire
Source: Business Wire

The fan was video taping Cauley when the golf ball went straight for him, catching it all on camera. Clearly he was in the way of the shot so you can’t feel too bad for him, plus it was heard that he is doing just fine.

Bud Cauley has come back this season after sitting on the sidelines with a left shoulder injury. The accident didn’t seem to phase him because he ended the AT&T Byron Nelson at tied for 4th place.

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