The Real Reason Behind Muirfield’s Decision Will Surprise You

Last week, Muirfield made the decision to not admit women members to their club (sounds like the Little Rascals if you ask me).  


They came out with this statement, concluding that their decision was the majority vote.

Of the 648 members who were eligible to vote, after a two-year consultation process, the move did not receive the two-thirds majority (432) needed … A 33-strong group of ‘no’ campaigners among the Muirfield members cited concerns about slow play and making women “feel uncomfortable” among the “risks” of admitting female members.

Because of this choice, Muirfield has been revoked its rights to host the British Open, which they knew might happen going into the vote. Their decision has been under scrutiny since it came out and has been criticized by many across the sport, including professional golfer Rory McIlroy.

One 81-year-old member felt the need to defend his club and spoke The Scotsman about the real reason for the decision.

“It wasn’t so much a vote against the ladies as a vote against the media and the press telling us what to do.”

So what he’s trying to say is that this group of grown privileged men did not want to give in to the “peer pressure” of allowing women members. It just sounds so juvenile!

“No-one likes being hammered all the time. We knew what was going to happen with the R&A and The Open, but we feel that we had to prove a point with a strong bunch behind the vote.”

By “proving a point” they still made a sexist decision and the media I’m sure has only “hammered” them more for it. This old man needs to sit down and realize his defense has only made them look worse.

Don’t take offense ladies, you probably wouldn’t want to be a member with a bunch of babies anyways.


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