This Is What Should Happen Every Time A Pro Hits A Spectator

Tony Finau is a true gentleman in the golfing world.

Most professional golfers have hit a spectator at least once in their career. What the fans don’t realize is that the professionals are not perfect and when you’re standing on the fringe of the fairway you may have to duck from on oncoming fore. Sometimes you just can’t get out of the way fast enough!

Elisa was one of those unfortunate spectators who got hit with a golf ball by none other than Tony Finau. As you can see from her Instagram post it looked like a pretty bad bonk on the head that caused her to bleed and need stitches. Makes sense since Finau’s drives are some of the longest and most powerful on Tour. 

Most professionals give the person they hit a signed golf ball or a pat on the back and an apology, but not Finau. He showed up at her door step and gave her chocolate and flowers, as if he were taking her to prom! This guy gets to know his victims and that’s a pretty stand up thing to do.

What is with all of these young golfers being ridiculously good people? The sport is really living up to it’s reputation. A true gentleman’s game.

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