Paige Spiranac shocked everyone with this news

About half a year ago Paige Spiranac accepted an invitation to compete at the the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters. What followed was an interesting period where her ability as a player was brought into question. It was like the golf world couldn’t decide what role a “social media celebrity” should have in the modern game. Paige’s LPGA debut was a hard pill to swallow, not making the cut she found herself under scrutiny for not participating on merit alone.

Golf Digest’s saucey Paige Spiranac cover seemed to confirm that even the most traditionalist corners of golf were starting to see the wood for the trees. Hating on Paige Spiranac because she gets invited to play in golf tournaments is simply ridiculous. That’s why Paige’s first professional win feels pretty good for all involved.

The Cactus Tour is by no stretch the LPGA, but finally Paige is off the mark!
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I know what you’re thinking; is that golfer holding a box of Scooby snacks? If so, is that her prize? Jokes aside, the 23-year-old shot a closing 68 to secure the win.

The tour markets itself as an alternative to the Symetra, the competition below the LPGA, and is played throughout Arizona, Nevada and Texas.

Competitors can pocket $31,000 for coming in first, with entry fees usually starting around $500. The Tour “provides a payout to 50% of the pro field which is the best percentage in the country.”

To put this whole thing into perspective, Lydia ko achieved a tenth the social traction when she won a few weeks ago. You have to question the condition of the women’s game when you learn this truth.

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