Bubba Watson gave this kid a $100 bill for the greatest reason

Kevin Na and Bubba Watson were playing partners at the Memorial Tournament this weekend when Na decided to make a bet. 

Na bet Watson $100 bucks that he couldn’t drive the green on hole No. 14 (363 yards to be exact). Bubba ended up hitting it to the middle of the green and winning that bet. Instead of keeping the money he ended up giving the Benjamin to one lucky kid in the crowd! What a renegade move.

Bubba Watson made some phenomenal shots this weekend, so I would say betting against him was a bad idea. Especially when he’s the boss when it comes to his driver.

He made this incredible bunker shot during the second round.

This approach on 14 was not during the round when the bet was made but it’s amazing nonetheless.

Both Bubba Watson and Kevin Na ended up at the bottom of the leaderboard this weekend but their friendly betting led to one very happy fan.

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