Tiger Woods is writing a book you might actually want to read

Tiger Woods is the most well known golfer in the world even when he’s not golfing. Anyone who enjoys the game now was heavily influenced by Tiger Woods and all that he did for golf.

He has announced that he is going to be writing his second book about his first major win at the Masters in 1997.

This book will give an inside view of how Tiger Woods himself was influenced by this historic event. We all know the stats and figures but no one truly knows the impact this had on the legend himself. We get to see the history of the game through his eyes and how it has changed in the last 20 years.

“This gives me a chance to tell in detail what happened on and off the course.”

Tiger Woods

He opens up about his relationship with his father Earl Woods and about being the first player of African American and Asian heritage to win a major. He has won the Masters four times all together.

(Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)
(Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)

Although Tiger Woods hasn’t played golf since August because of two back surgeries, people still hold out hope that he will return. Even with his withdrawal from the Safeway Open, there will always be those fans that believe.

If he doesn’t make his anticipated return, at least there will be a book to take you down memory lane.

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