Don Cheadle and Lydia Ko are basically best friends

Don Cheadle is the actor most recently known for being the other guy wearing the Iron Man suit. Off the screen he’s a stand up guy that had a blast chilling with some LPGA Players.

Cheadle participated in the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship pro-am where he was partnered with World No. 1 Lydia Ko. The night before the tournament the group went out for a nice dinner together.

Ko and Cheadle had fun playing with snapchat filters, specifically the famous dog one. Looks like Cheadle had a bit of a hard time getting that tongue out but he eventually got the hang of it.

The two have been paired up before and are basically best friends at this point. He even congratulated her multiple times on Twitter when she was announced the youngest woman to become World No. 1.

After the round Ko discussed her new bragging rights from playing with the Don:

“When I posted my photo on social media all my friends are like, oh, my God, you took photo with War Machine. Because that was his role at Iron Man, and the Avengers, the Marvel movies. So I think that’s where our generation kind of kicks in.”

Don Cheadle wasn’t the only famous one in the foursome at the KPMG. Ko was also grateful to be paired with Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Collins.

She’s definitely lucky but they also got to play with the number one female golfer in the world right now. Lucky them.

Michelle Wie got in on the action as well by goofing off on Twitter.

I wonder if Don Cheadle had more fun playing in the KPMG or playing basketball with the President.

I’d say he had more fun with the ladies!

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