Rickie Fowler just made an awesome announcement on his Instagram

Rickie Fowler has always been a renegade on the golf course and now you can be too thanks to PUMA!

Get ready to see more joggers on the golf course…available now @PUMAGolf…link in bio

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Throw out your boring old slacks and get ready for a new wardrobe change. Fowler announced today that the joggers he has been sporting this season are now available at PUMA for you to purchase. Finally something fit to pair with the new high-tops you bought!

Source: PUMA
Source: PUMA

These new pants are made specifically for golf with the highest performance material. The PUMA website says that these pants can be worn on and off the course, bringing style wherever you go.

When it comes to breaking tradition and bringing in the cool factor to golf, Rickie Fowler and PUMA have been paving the way. As the ultimate leaders in style, the Puma Golf design team collaborated with Rickie to bring his favorite off-course style into play. Thus, the Puma Golf Jogger was born, adding some high fashion to the course.

The only downside is that the joggers cost $95 bucks, not including shipping and handling. The upside is that since you can where them on and off the course you’re basically buying two sets of pants which makes it worth the money.

Anything is better than a plain pair of khakis, but at least with these performance golf joggers you know you’ll be getting quality that Rickie Fowler trusts.

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Hurry up while supplies last!

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