Mark Wahlberg’s new ‘golf practice complex’ backyard will blow your mind

Marky Mark.. the man, the myth, the legend! This guy can do anything from act to rap, and we all know he has a soft spot for golf.

Mark Wahlberg has participated in multiple pro-ams and has even made a hole-in-one with Rory McIlroy’s ball. His show Entourage was only a thought when the idea became a reality on the golf course. Most of the scenes he’s in are on the course and he got Phil Mickelson to be on the show.

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Now he has brought the game he loves home. I mean it was only a matter of time. Check out Mr. Wahlberg’s new state of the art golf practice backyard complex created by Back Nine Greens.

This backyard is what every golfer dreams of! Actually it’s what every person dreams of. His whole house is incredible and he just added one more thing that makes him the boss.

Here’s the whole thing in all of it’s glory.

Source: Celebrity Home Photos

As you can see, this is not an updated picture because the new golf facility should be right behind the basketball court.

Back Nine Greens were so impressed with their own work, they’re now using what they did in Wahlberg’s backyard as their main picture on their website!

Source: Back Nine Greens
Source: Back Nine Greens

Seriously, who else can’t stop drooling?

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