WATCH: John Daly answers Twitter questions like a boss

John Daly took the time to chat with fans on Twitter during the Constellation Senior Players.

Fans on Twitter used the hashtag #AskJohnDaly to try and get their questions asked during the Q&A. Of course John Daly answered the questions he was given honestly and in John Daly fashion.

Dylan Thompson asked: “Even at 50 how do you continue to be the coolest guy on the golf course? #AskJohnDaly”

Even at 50, Daly knows what he wants and loves. Life, booze, cigs, the Cowboys, and sex. I may be putting words in his mouth but I’m pretty sure that’s where he was trailing off to.

Nick Sherm asked: “@SENIORPLAYERS #AskJohnDaly what is your favorite beer / cig combo”

Look at that wink.

Bob McClellan asked: “Has there ever been a pair of @LoudmouthGolf pants where you just went, “Nah, that’s a little too much.” #AskJohnDaly”

If you know about John Daly, you know he wears the boldest golf pants on the course. It seems though that there is a pair of disco ball pants he just can’t get himself to wear. Spongebob pants on the other hand are golden.

Anyone who can rock Spongebob pants on Tour is my hero!

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

He ended the Q&A by thanking all of the fans with a cigarette in hand.

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