If you think Rory works out too hard, you need to see what this golfer does

Ben Crane is a golfer whose name you don’t hear very often but you definitely won’t forget it now! Crane is currently at TPC Southwind in Memphis, where people started to notice his warm up routine.

This is what most of us must be doing wrong when we prepare for a round.

Apparently he’s just stretching out his joints using a unique technique called Aldowa. In the video the announcer says to check out his other videos on Youtube, so that’s exactly what I did.

What I found was totally unexpected and amazing. Ben Crane has a workout video that explains how professional golfers get their great physiques. If you thought Rory worked out too vigorously, you have to see what Crane does.

Professional golfers really know how to work out. And people say golf isn’t a sport. PSH.

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