WATCH: Bubba Watson with a mad solution to Oakmont’s impossible conditions

We are the ultimate broken record when it comes to the conditions at Oakmont, we’re obsessed! But then again so are you, and every other golf fan because lets face it, watching professionals suffer is sadistic pornography to the happy hacker.

This year’s U.S. Open is set to be the hardest in history. Last time we visited Oakmont Angel Cabrera walked off the 72nd hole at +5 and won the darn thing! With no rain forecast and every golfer posting about the rapid greens and treacherous rough, it’s safe to say we’re in for a treat. Oakmont is the Colosseum and we’re the deranged masses baying for blood, whose blood we shall soon see.
Bubba Watson High-Tops
In other news, Bubba Watson has jumped on the high-top bandwagon. What makes this so bizarre is the fact a company is actually willing to pay golf’s least fashionable person money to wear their product. Hats off to his agent, the man is working his balls off to aggressively polish the terd that is Bubba Watson. Still nobody can understand why Oakley provide those god-awful shirts he wears. Maybe his agent gets paid more respect than his caddie?! #FreeTedScott

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