WATCH: The new commercial that made Jason Day cry

Fathers Day is right around the corner and TV spots are crowded with commercial after commercial to celebrate.

Dash Day made his debut appearance in the PGA Superstore commercial this year. The commercial shows Dash and Dad hanging out, goofing off, and attending tournaments for support. Throughout the video Dash does a voiceover that will melt your heart, remember Dash is still only three years old! Grab your tissues people.

Jason Day spoke about the commercial at Oakmont earlier:

“He went down to a studio (in Columbus, Ohio). He had headphones on and Ellie was helping him out with his lines,” Day said at the U.S. Open press conference. “I mean, people forget he’s only three.

“When I first saw the commercial, especially at the end when he says, ’I love you Daddy’,” I cried.

“He’s going to have those memories to look back on. We’re going to have that commercial forever and he’ll be able to see, when he’s my age, that when he was little he ran out on the greens when I won tournaments.”

What a special moment for a truly special Dad.

Source: AP
Source: AP

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