A “journalist” asked the Dalai Lama if he knew about the movie Caddyshack

It’s very rare that anyone can say that FOX News made them laugh, well here’s one instance.

Bret Baier was interviewing the Dalai Lama when he asked a question on behalf of every movie fan: “Have you seen ‘Caddyshack?'”

Well, it turns out that the living incarnation of Avalokiteśvara has better things to do with his time. Apparently striving for theocratic control of the Tibetan plateau through peaceful means is more important than a Bill Murray monologue, well la-di-da.

Some believe his holiness is more of a Happy Gilmore kinda guy. In my opinion nothing espouses the concept of full consciousness like a Carl Spackler soliloquy.

Here is the original moment from the movie.

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