Jordan Spieth throws massive tantrum: “This is such crap”

Jordan Spieth is fast becoming the king of the tantrum. We all know what Bubba is capable of and it’s safe to say which of the two golfers we prefer. As Paul Aziger said about the 22-year-old: “He has the worst temper on tour but he controls it the best.” Jordan has a constant dialogue with himself as he plays and it works a treat.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! How is that in the bunker?” Spieth said, tossing his club to his bag before finishing his rant. “That is such crap.” 

I love the passion and the energy, it’s exiting viewing and something we can all relate to. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the 22-year-old a littler cranky. His energy seems to be directed at the course this time and rightly so. That shot looked perfect all the way, but then again it’s Oakmont so you’re going to get shafted from time to time.

Spieth still has some way to go before he can top Victor Dubuisson, the Frenchman’s temper is notorious. When he’s not breaking clubs he’s beating his golf bag.

Why wouldn’t you break your clubs if you get them for free…child.

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