WATCH: Jordan Spieth stars in brand new Coke commercial
We all remember the last Jordan Spieth Coke commercial. The anodyne words, “I love an ice cold coke on ice,” must have left a sickly taste in the 22-year-old’s mouth. It was a shit show of uncomfortableness, not that any of this bothered Jordan as he watched $50 million transfer into his bank account.

This recent commercial from the world’s preeminent drinks brand included some semblance of entertainment this time. The company’s original idea was scrapped due to inclement weather, a rather ironic twist of events when you consider the current situation at the U.S. Open. This left a perfect opportunity to shoot an improvised commercial, which, as it turns out, has slotted perfectly into the rain delayed narrative of the season’s second Major.

Here’s an outtake from one of the challenges. What do you think?

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