FOX Sports under fire for exclusive coverage of Paulina’s behind

It seems as though there were multiple incidents this past weekend that took away from Dustin Johnson’s first major win. One being the exclusive coverage of Paulina’s short dress (aka her ass) by the FOX Sports cameraman.

Of course there was no way of getting around having Paulina on camera because her fiancee just won the major, but there had to have been a better way to film them than that. Sure her dress was short and maybe she should have worn something more appropriate, but the golfing world did not need a full frontal of her misjudgment on live television.

Many fans watching commented on the coverage on Twitter:

After her tweet was featured on another site, Angelia was attacked by many people who thought it was Paulina’s fault for wearing the dress in the first place. What people seem to forget these days is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there is no need to attack others whose opinions differ from yours.

Either way there shouldn’t really be a debate at all. Paulina wore something she shouldn’t have and that’s that. The cameraman could have angled the camera just a bit higher towards their heads if he was really doing his job and not oggling a gorgeous woman’s nether regions.

Dustin Johnson won his first major should be the only headlines this week.

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