Tiger Woods gives his view on the USGA’s disgraceful handling of Dustin Johnson

Tiger was on satisfying form as he poured more salt onto the USGA’s wounds. “It was awful because no one knew what was going on…no one had a clue.” He summarised the viewer’s frustration perfectly and possibly exposed some irritation at being sat on the couch during Sunday’s play. “It was frustrating to watch how it was handled. I think that the championship being our national title and the history behind it, it deserved a better handling of the situation.”

We were all impressed by DJ’s composure during the final few holes, that approach into the 18th green perfectly summed up his relaxed demeanour. Tiger admitted his response would have been very different. “How would I have handled it?” (from Dustin’s perspective). “You know I’m a little feistier than Dustin, so I think I would probably have said a few more things during the round.”

The most shameful thing from Sunday was when the USGA ignored one crucial tenet of our sport, the honesty principle. Golf values the honour system of its players, we trust each other to be truthful and penalise ourselves accordingly.  For example, when Shane Lowry caused his ball to move earlier in the tournament he owned up and took the penalty, it happens all the time. The difference with Sunday was that Dustin and playing partner Lee Westwood both agreed he had done nothing wrong, yet the USGA questioned his integrity. They effectively accused him of lying.

“If you have a rules official there on that hole I thought that it was binding, his decision, whatever he decides he decides.” Tiger added, echoing our dissatisfaction with the multiple golf holes and officials it took to make the decision. Sucks to be a USGA official right now

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