The 5 ways Donald Trump has undermined Scotland

This is how Donald Trump treats any business transaction. Whatever is best for him is what needs to be done, no matter who is in the line of fire. Many people in the corporate world agree with this type of tactic but for those in Scotland they were less than impressed.

  1. YOU CAN’T JUST SUE EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING. That’s not how the world works and it shouldn’t even be possible when it is¬†blocking a country from getting clean energy because of a view.
  2. Forcing people off their land sounds familiar. With Obama’s vote to protect already immigrated families in America declined, if Trump get’s elected there is no chance for these people.¬†It’s all for the view, if everything looks good then all is well, but that’s a lie. This is actually these people’s homes, no matter if it’s a slum or not. No wonder they raised a Mexican flag in protest.
  3. Empty promises. He is feeding foreign countries lies and that’s what he has done his entire campaign. After every debate or speech Trump gives, there needs to be disclaimers after to show that many of his “facts” are in fact over exaggerated or outright false.
  4. Trump says he can lift the American economy out of deficit. His ventures overseas have left less than profitable situations for these people. Who’s to say he can do anything for America.

Politicians lie but they also preach for causes they believe in. What does Drumpf believe in? Sinking overseas golf courses into oblivion? Embarrassing himself and now his country? Look at Scotland people and learn from what they have had to endure.

You could be sued next.

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