Rory McIlroy responds to Brexit and Donald Drumpf in one legendary tweet

It’s exceptionally rare to see a golfer comment on politics. According to research, PGA Tour professionals are mostly Drumpf supporters. Rory has gone against the grain with this Tweet because the presidential hopeful has been such a big player in the golfing world.

The 27-year-old expressed his views about Britain’s decision to leave Europe and as a British resident – yes Northern Ireland is part of the UK nimrod – Rory was entitled to vote.

Drumpf has just arrived in Scotland for a tour of his golf courses. He touched down and immediately spewed stupidity. It’s excusable for Joe public to muddle the complicated situation represented by the British Isles, but this is poor form from a potential world leader. 60% of the Scottish public voted to stay in Europe, so it’s boneheaded to say they’ve “taken their country back” as it overlooks some pretty crucial constitutional context.

Lee Westwood was also convinced that the UK should remain in the Union.

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