Muirfield makes embarrassing announcement regarding female vote

Muirfield golf club in Scotland has announced that they are going to organize a fresh ballot of its members on the issue of female membership after being reprimanded for previous vote.

This is quite embarrassing. The club made a huge deal about how they came to the conclusion of not admitting female members and then barely a month later they decide to have a revote by the end of the year.

After making their initial vote in May, the media came down on the club hard, reprimanding them for making a prehistoric decision. The R&A revoked their rights to host another Open Championship and even the Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon described the situation at the time as “indefensible.”

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Although more than 60% of respondents voted in favor of admitting women in the ballot, that figure fell short of the necessary two-thirds majority of all eligible members required to change admission rules.

The club came out with this statement earlier today:

“A substantial majority of our members voted for change and many have voiced their disappointment with the ballot result and with subsequent events,” the statement said. “The club committee believes that a clear and decisive vote in favor of admitting women as members is required to enable us to begin the task of restoring the reputation of the club that has been damaged by the earlier ballot outcome.”
It’s all about looking good in the world of golf. The club made a decision and because it hurt their image they are sticking their tails between their legs and revoting.

Maybe they realized they were wrong or maybe they just want to undue the damage that’s already been done but no matter the result of the vote, there will always be that underlying embarrassment from the first time around.


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