Rory McIlroy talks about Jordan getting kicked out of a pub and how Phil Mickelson annoys him

We can learn a lot about Tour life from these interviews. Players seem at ease around Feherty, a trait that brings out some interesting responses from guys who normally keep a lid on their private lives. It’s cool to imagine these guys going out and having fun after tournaments, especially when it leads to Jordan Spieth having a few shandies.

Rory also talked about his frustration with Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler when he won at Valhalla in 2014. Admittedly Feherty put the words into his mouth, but can you imagine the frustration of seeing Phil’s smug face, it would drive you insane! Lefty is the perennial fist pounder, his cap tilt and bump can irritate a lot of people – myself included – for no rational reason.

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