Jordan Spieth said there is no way he would put up with the USGA’s crap

I can’t stop posting about the USGA’s handling of the DJ situation, such is my disgust at their unapologetic attitude. Lee Westwood recently offered his account of events and it confirmed what we already know about the USGA, that they’re useless. Now their golden boy has dug his fork in and it really hurts.

“I would have thrown a fit. I promise you, I would have thrown a fit,” Spieth said yesterday. “I wouldn’t have hit another shot. I would have sat there like, ‘This is not the way this goes. Let’s figure this out right now.’ You can’t have a potential penalty or not. You’ve got to know in that case.”

Tiger Woods was asked last week and shared Jordan’s view: “How would I have handled it?” (from Dustin’s perspective). “You know I’m a little feistier, so I think I would probably have said a few more things during the round.”

Spieth has joined a group of players who refuse to ignore the USGA’s handling of the situation. They even set up a group message so opinions could be exchanged as the situation unfolded:

“He pulled driver out on 17. And I’m in a text with quite a few other — like we all started a group text trying to figure out what was — seeing if we all were thinking the same thing about what was going down from 12 on, and I’m sitting there going, ‘What in the world is he hitting driver for?'” Spieth said, smirking.

“I’m sitting there going, ‘What in the world is he hitting driver for?’ ” Spieth joked, referring to Johnson’s choice on the 17th tee. “I’m like, ‘No, don’t hit driver. This is the only chance you have [to make birdie].’ Because he can fly those bunkers with 3-wood and still put it in a greenside bunker or chip it up. He didn’t care. He had his lines, he knew what he was doing, he had that little power cut working and he just stepped up and delivered the shots he needed, so I was very, very excited for Dustin.”

It’s lucky that Dustin is such a chiller because a Jordan “fit” would have been embarrassing for the USGA.

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