How to make $50,500 in one swing


Daniel Berger walked up to the first tee, took one swing and proceeded to make more money than some of us make in a whole year.

Berger withdrew from today’s World Golf Championship event after his tee shot on the first hole, citing a shoulder injury.

Last place at a WGC event this year pays a whopping $50,500 dollars.. So while you’re sitting in your office thinking about how to afford next months rent, Daniel Berger is flying back to his home in Jupiter, FL without a care in the world.

Daniel Berger Money

The WGC – Bridgestone Invitational is the second highest paying event on the PGA Tour. The award for the biggest purse on tour this year goes to The Players Championship, with a total purse of $9.5M and the winner taking home $1.7.

So if you feel like playing a Daniel Berger, qualifying for a Tour event then withdrawing on the first tee.. aim high and shoot for The Players Championship. You’ll walk away with quite the paycheck for coming in last.

It’s time to reconsider your line of work.

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