John Daly explains that “sex helps my golf game”

There you go! John Daly believes sex and good golf are inextricably linked. “I’m some what of a nympho anyways, I don’t know I just love it,” he said. Ten times in one day sounds exhausting, but when you consider the record for most male orgasms in one hour is 16 (132 for a woman), John has it in the bag.

John sat down with Graham Bensinger and spoke about a number of topics from his autobiography. The interviews are painfully split into tedious snack-sized segments, so here are the highlights:

How he’s lost $55-57 million while gambling:


Big John described how his biographer’s curiosity led to a painful inventory of his tax returns. “We went through all my tax records,” he said, “I thought it might have been $20-25 million.”

Remember this was all between 1991 and 2007, which works out at around $3.2 million a year. Asked if he had any regrets, “I did it, I move on from it, I enjoyed doing it.” “I loved the action, I loved the adrenaline,” he added.

He described occasions where he had spent two days playing slots and 36 hours playing blackjack. “I’ve been up four or five million before and ended up losing two million because I wouldn’t get up.”

How he plays better golf drunk


John once said: “If I could play the tour drunk, I would win every week.” He acknowledged this was in jest, but went on to describe the irony of his inevitable insobriety. “You’d get in at 7-7.30 am and you’d have a tee time at 9.00. Sometimes I wouldn’t sober up until the 13th hole.”

John describes himself as a binge drinker with a session based habit which could last days, weeks or months before a period of abstinence. “I could drink 35-40 beers a day…I was in hospital when the nurse told me I had been dead for 8 seconds.”


John Daly on parenthood


John home schools his son for four and a half hours per day to enable them to be together as he tours the world. When you hear about the relationship he had with his own father you can understand why. In this part of the interview John reflects on an upbringing that was shaped largely by his mother’s love. His father, who is still alive, could only show “tough love” which usually resulted in violence “for no reason.”

“Right before my mum died he put a gun to my eye and nearly killed me,” he said, describing the incident with a strange sense of calm. “It was the of 4th July and my Dad was drunk.” At this point John paints the picture of his father harassing a girl called Kelly.

“He didn’t want to leave so I got my brother, we walked him back and I said ‘Dad just lay down and go to sleep,’ please.”

It was at this moment when John realised his daughter was still in the house, just as he turns to see a gun pointed at his eye. “Who are you? Get the hell out of my house!” his father shouted. “My poor daughter saw it all,” John said, with a look of deep regret.

The confrontation was ended by John’s brother Jamie, who proceeded to fire the gun and smash his father’s head through a wall. Daly has had little contact with his father since the incident.

John Daly

It’s easy for us to glorify the life of John. To stare with amazement at his prolific gambling, his self-proclaimed sex addiction and his alcoholism, but ultimately few people have led such an interesting life. The man seems philosophical these days, he transforms the competitions he attends on the Champions Tour and looks to provide his children with the father he never had. Big John will always be a box office personality.

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