WATCH: One of golf’s most unpopular players found the rough and then the floor

Patrick Reed is playing in the Scottish Open at Castle Stuart Golf links as he prepares for The Open Championship. He is the perfect pantomime villain. Stories about him in college paint the picture of an intolerable dweeb who would do anything to win. This is what makes him, in my opinion, the best Ryder Cup player on the American team.

This uncompromising competitiveness has made him very few friends on the PGA Tour, not that Pat is the type of person who cares. Last year Reed spent most of his time playing on the European Tour and somehow managed to make plenty of friends. Why? In Europe the guys are mostly single, modestly wealthy and eager to socialise, whereas in America the guys are married, loaded and happy to exist within a clique. It was as if the Europeans took Patrick Reed in and were prepared to look past his innate talent for alienating people.

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European Tour players imitate Reed’s famous Ryder Cup “Shhhh” (Source/Bleacher Report).

“The guys over here on the European Tour are awesome,” he said. “It’s very different from the US because there everyone has their families. Over here the guys are always hanging out together and having a good time, going for dinner together. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and a great vibe.”“It’s easy to see where that team spirit comes from in The Ryder Cup,” the American added.

Pat has a good relationship with the Scottish crowd, which seems strange if you remember his antics at Gleneagles two years ago. He’s afraid of nothing and that’s why they like him in Scotland.


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