Four black women compete in LPGA event for first time and nobody knows


You read that right. For the first time in the LPGA’s 66 year history, four African American female golfers competed in an LPGA event. Now you would think that might be something to talk about, right?! Think again.

During the LPGA Cambia Portland Classic, there was absolutely no media coverage of this monumental event. I mean nothing. Not on any network or any online article.Just kidding, there was one online article on but many people have never even heard of that site.

You would think in 2016 we could praise this historical event taking place and give these four females some coverage. We have all heard of Cheyenne Woods but what about Ginger Howard, Mariah Stackhouse, and Sadena Parks? I would love to learn more about these ladies and their thoughts on this, as I’m sure other LPGA fans would as well. Alas, Golf Channel doesn’t find it too interesting I guess.

If you were wondering, Cheyenne Woods and Mariah Stackhouse made the cut. Woods finished tied for 6th and Stackhouse finished tied for 47th. It was Mariah’s professional debut which is pretty cool, huh?

You may remember Parks from Big Break Florida, who is in her 2nd year on tour, and Howard is in her rookie year on the LPGA tour.

Season is just around the corner. Working with swing trainer. #pxg2016

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I’d love for Golf Channel or other networks and golf media outlets to introduce us to the amazing stories and personalities on the LPGA tour as they do for the PGA tour. But let’s not kid ourselves. We’ll probably have to wait until they finish top ten in every event or show up in a sexy outfit to get any coverage on them.

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