The USGA president messed up at the U.S. Open award ceremony…again

I can’t find the footage of Diana Murphy speaking at the U.S. Open anywhere. The USGA president was clearly drunk as she stumbled through her speech moments before handing Dustin Johnson his first major trophy. In her defence those circumstances were different. Imagine having to give a speech after one of the most shambolic rulings in Major Championship history. There wouldn’t be enough whiskey in Pennsylvania to equip you with the necessary Dutch courage.

Diana managed to cover herself in glory as she handed the U.S. Women’s Open trophy to Brittany Lang on Sunday. After ANOTHER controversial ruling, Murphy repeatedly referred to Brittany as “Bethany”, I mean come on! You have one job: thank everyone for coming and say the name of the winner!

She released this statement afterwards:

“I would like to apologize to the 2016 U.S. Women’s Open champion, Brittany Lang,” Murphy said in a statement. “During the prize presentation, I mistakenly called her by the wrong name repeatedly. I have expressed my regret to Brittany personally and explained that in the heat of the moment, I became nervous and made these mistakes. I appreciate her understanding, and I am sorry that what I said may have taken away from a historic moment for a very deserving champion.”

In the context of another poor ruling by the USGA this wasn’t the most controversial moment of the day.

It beggars belief that someone so obviously unsuited to the role of public speaking was entrusted with a position that exclusively requires that you do this. It’s an avoidable mistake that seems to happen all the time in golf. Remember Shane McLowry?

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