BREAKING: Jordan Spieth makes disappointing but expected announcement

Jordan Spieth will not be competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Spieth is the second American to withdraw this week after Dustin Johnson made his announcement to opt out on Friday. This means that none of the top 4 golfers in the world will be competing in the Olympics this year, which is a disappointing statement.

Source: Harry How / Getty Images
Source: Harry How / Getty Images

Although Spieth wasn’t around to comment, he is expected to discuss his reasons during Tuesday’s press conference in Scotland.

It’s hard to be upset at these golfers for withdrawing for many reasons. The Olympics are being held in a place where there is a disease outbreak that makes athletes not want to put their lives on hold for.

Golfers are also not raised to be excited for the Olympics because it hasn’t been apart of the games since 1904. It’s not like gymnastics where their life goal is getting to that Olympic gold. It’s sad that its return to the games has been more about who is not going then who is.

Am I surprised by Jordan’s withdrawal? No. Am I disappointed? Yes, because Jordan doesn’t have family unlike most of the other golfers who have wives and kids that could be affected. But I am not judging him for his decision and maybe Zika won’t even be his reason when he talks about it tomorrow.

The U.S. Olympic Golf Team now consists of: Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Patrick Reed, and Matt Kuchar.

(Half the Olympic team present below: Good luck America)

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