WATCH: Brandel Chamblee lambasts Rory McIlroy for “insult” to the Olympics

Brandel Chamblee will never miss an opportunity to bash Rory McIlroy. The Northern Irishman got sick and tired – like everyone – of hearing the golf analyst criticise his style of play, and has at times been vocal about his distaste for Chamblee.

The spat continued when Chamblee – a.k.a unfit middle-aged man – criticised Rory McIlroy’s gym routine. Again, like the rest of us, Rory did not take kindly to these comments. He trolled Brandel for the days that followed, posting videos of his gruelling workout routines to teach the “failed golfer” a lesson.

Hopefully we get a reaction from Rors. What do you think? Was he honest and right, or disrespectful and arrogant?

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