WATCH: Shane Lowry gave a hilarious press conference at Troon today

Everyone likes the affable Irishman and he easily makes our list of “popular guys on tour” – (7 Reasons Shane Lowry is one of the funniest guys on Tour).

Today he matched charm with honesty as he described his terrible pairings in previous Open Championships. He is clearly happy to be playing with Jordan Spieth and Justin Rose, a sign of his growing stature in the game.

“Obviously, it’s great to be here and doing a press conference on a Wednesday. And I have a really good group tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to that. I can’t wait. That’s where I wanted to be. I’ve been in plenty of shitty groups over the years, so with all due respect to the golfers, I shouldn’t say that, should I? (Laughter). But you know what I mean. I’ve been like last off and first off. I don’t mean by the players I was playing with but I meant the times more so. God (laughing).”

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DJ’s presser was equally entertaining. Asked about Anna Nordqvist’s recent U.S. Open penalty – and the way the USGA handled it – he was typically lethargic.

“I didn’t see it,” Johnson said. “Obviously, when I got here quite a few people told me about it. It’s another unfortunate situation.”

Then he paused and smiled. “But, yeah, I shouldn’t talk about it.”

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