Open Championship winners tell us what booze they put in the Claret Jug

Most people assume Open Champions get to keep the actual Claret Jug, not on your life. The replica would still be an awesome addition to your mantle piece.

Padraig Harrington sounds like he knew what to do, “I’d say just about everything went into it,” said the smirking Irishman before revealing what he started on:

“It was John Smith’s smooth bitter and it sounds a lot better than it tastes.”

To those in the US, ^^ this is England’s perennial “warm” beer, so not everyone’s cup of tea.

“When you are taking your first drink out of it, you are very aware of who had this trophy before you,” Padraig added. Well the owner before Harrington was Tiger woods – twice – so god only knows what the aftertaste was.

Zach Johnson had his fun with the trophy:

What about Ben Curtis who keeps it in his storage cupboard, honestly? “We moved in a few months ago we haven’t had a chance to get to it yet. This is embarrassing but I found the Claret Jug back here,” he said, fishing it from behind some boxes. Seriously bro, have a word!

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