4 reasons to be a massive fan of Andrew “BEEF” Johnston

Andrew “BEEF” Johnston is playing some good golf at The Open Championship. He trials Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson by five shots at Troon. The man from “North Mid” has become one of the most popular players on Tour, his affable nature and animated persona account for his enormous following, but why?

1. He owns a hilariously awful tattoo

2. He turned down a round with Rickie Fowler becasue it was “too early”


When Rickie Fowler takes notice of a player it usually means they’re a cool cat. The two had hoped to play a practice round together at the U.S. Open, but Johnston bristled when Fowler told him he planned to tee off at 8:30 a.m.

“I’m like, what’s wrong with you, man? Playing at that time in the morning?” he said. “So we just keep missing each other, off and on. Maybe we can play together at The Open.”

3. He doesn’t give a shit

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He recently spoke with the Golf Channel and revealed his determination to stay true to himself with everything from his personality to his trademark beard.

“A few people messaged me, and one guy was like, ‘Your beard is bad for the game of golf,’” he said. “And I was like, well I’m just going to keep it now.”

Beef is a man of his word, something he reiterated when he kept his promise to “get hammered” after his Spanish Open win. His agent was worried footage of said hammering would find it’s way on to social media, which it did.

4. He celebrates like a champion

This all makes him a fan favourite

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