WATCH: Another golfer vents his frustration on an unsuspecting golf club

Thomas Pieters joined a group of golfers who have lost their shit at this year’s Open Championship. Yesterday we saw Rory McIlroy destroys his 3-wood because it was disobedient, and today we watched another player induct himself into the club-breakers club.

The Belgian’s day quickly went south on the 11th – statistically the hardest hole at Troon this year. The 24-year-old found the gorse and made a mess of things, walking away with a quintuple bogey.

I normally don’t care if a pro decides to to destroy his clubs, I actually find it quite funny, but then again I’m an “unimpressionable” adult – allegedly – and I’m too poor to imitate what I see. Pieters discarded his club for someone else to pick up, set a terrible example to kids and generally embarrassed himself. I don’t care who you are, that’s just a bullshit and disrespectful way to go about you business.

Having said that, this collection of  U.S. Open tantrums seem to make me feel better about my crappy golf.

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