Johnny Miller takes a jab at Rory McIlroy’s impeccable pecs

Johnny Miller ripped on Rory McIlroy this weekend, saying that his shirts are too tight and that he’s been working out too much. Miller took another jab at McIlroy’s game by linking these two things to his lack of appearance on the leaderboard as of late.

“I think he overdid the weight room, personally. I don’t think that helped him at all,” the 1976 British Open champ said about Rory.

“I think [the] same thing with Tiger Woods. You just get carried away wearing the tight shirts and showing off their sort of muscles. You know, golf is a game of finesse and touch. You need a certain amount of strength, I just think you’ve got a little too much of that.”

Although some people agree with Miller, I am not one of those people.

Here are the reasons why Rory’s shirts are not too tight..

Reason number 1:

Source: Andrew Redington, Getty Images
Source: Andrew Redington, Getty Images

Reason number 2:

Source: The Golf Channel
Source: The Golf Channel

Reason number 3:


Basically what I’m trying to say is who cares?! He looks good and if he wants to work out let him. I think his game is lacking more due to mental strain than anything else. Johnny Miller should be worrying about more important things than Rory’s impeccable pecs.


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