The Undertaker’s golfing attire was questioned…for about 5 seconds

Golf Digest run an occasional segment called “This Week in Questionable Golf Attire”. Previous titles have chosen to critique a woman’s decision to wear spandex leggings, a curious opinion for a publication dominated by middle-aged dudes. They can be humorous but tend to stray from the pedantic to the patronising, but this week’s edition literally crossed the ropes.

(Source: girls that golf).
(Source: Girls That Golf/Instagram).

Calling out the Undertaker for wearing cargo pants and sandals takes some balls.

“Sure, many wrestlers are larger-than-life figures with muscles that make NFL linebackers look scrawny,” writes the author. “But it’s hard to take them seriously when most have jean shorts, spandex and masks as part of their costumes. Apparently this attire carries outside the ring,” he adds.

A wild Undertaker appeared! Just enjoying some golf… (Via r/ EnzohGorlami)

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The 6-foot-ten Undertaker – real name Mark W. Calaway – made this dude look like a child at the LPGA International in Daytona Beach.

Aware of the risk associated with criticising one of WWE’s most notorious veterans, the opinion was playfully retracted. “We applaud the Undertaker’s wardrobe choice, flaunting a style that’s for the people. It would do the PGA Tour good to follow his lead and embrace a more casual dress code.”

Wise move from the author. This video of the Undertaker not wanting to be filmed on a golf course is eerily threatening.


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