Mysterious gambler made bank on a $50 golf wager

One mysterious golf fan decided to put $50 bucks on Henrik Stenson and Aaron Baddeley this weekend and ended up winning $86,700!!

Stenson had never won a major and Baddeley had not won an event in 5 years. For some reason, before their respective tournaments began, this guy decided to make them apart of the same bet. Winning everything if they both won and nothing if one lost. This is kind of bet is called a parlay.

Australian golf broadcaster, Luke Elvy, tweeted out this picture of the ticket but didn’t take credit as the one who made the bet. Leaving the owner to be unknown.

The result was a “price” of $1,734, meaning for every dollar bet, the bettor would win that much. Since the mysterious bettor wagered $50, his overall return was $86,700.

This guy must be flying pretty high, whoever he is.

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