WATCH: Tiger Woods played “one of the greatest shots he ever hit” at the Canadian Open

The Canadian Open returns to Glen Abbey today and it makes me nostalgic about one of Tiger’s greatest ever shots. Tiger was 216 yards from the middle of the green when he reached for his 6-iron and broke Grant Waite’s heart.

I’m not sure where it ranks amongst Tiger’s best shots. What about the hooking approach he player at Augusta, or the 3-iron he played at the 2002 PGA Championship?

Here’s a better angle of the original shot:

It is now 16 years since Tiger’s record breaking year. He won 11 tournaments – including three majors – cementing his 5 year reign as world number one. His recent withdrawal from this year’s PGA Championship is a big blow to those of us who refuse to give up hope. Nothing wrong with wanting to see Tiger win one more time.

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