What it’s like to play Pokemon GO(LF)

Pokemon GO(LF)

The CLICKON team went out and played Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California to catch some Pokemon on the greens. We roamed the course like Ash Ketchum and his crew, scouring bunkers and rough for new gens.

Hole 1:

Before we even teed off we found a Hitmonlee and a Rattata, registering both into our Pokedex. What we soon found out was that the course was swarming with Rattata so we captured some and let some go throughout our round.


When actually golfing, try and capture your Pokemon after teeing off and when you’re far enough away from the club house because the starter didn’t like us standing there for too long.

Hole 2:

Weedle’s and Nidoran’s were popular on this course too, the Weedle’s being the easiest to catch.


No problems occurred on this hole and we were keeping up with the group in front of us, or so we thought.

Hole 3:

We caught a Zubat after it dodging the first few Poke balls. Our pace of play suffered a bit as we tried to find more Pokemon and so we had to let a group play through.

The Zubat landed on our camera guy just like on Brock.
The Zubat landed on our camera guy just like on Brock.

Holes 4,5,&6:

We got a Clefairy on the 4th hole and then nothing on hole 5. Thankfully a wild Pinsir appeared on the 6th hole which was caught and helped us level up! We also caught some Nidoran and a Meowth on that hole.


Holes 7&8:

Unfortunately a Charmander escaped our attempts on the 7th hole and the phone got the brunt of the anger, as did our golf game. Hole 8 was pretty dry as well, although we ran into some experienced trainers that we let play through.


Hole 9:

Just when we thought there were only Weedle’s and Rattata’s on the course, an Ekans appeared on the last hole, making the day a success for our Pokedex.



  1. You can find some rare Pokemon on different golf courses.
  2. You’re working on your golf game and your Pokedex at the same time.
  3. Each course will have different Pokemon according to location, sand traps, and water hazards.
    1. It’s a f*cking blast!


  1. Your pace of play suffers from searching.
  2. Old stuffy men may not appreciate your trainer skills and get mad at you for using your phone on the course.
  3. If you focus too on catching Pokemon your golf game may not be your best.

What are you waiting for? Get out on to your local course and get your PokeGolf on! Let your nerd flag fly and don’t GAF what others think!


What do you think of Pokemon GO(LF)?

Are you a 90’s baby who loved Pokemon growing up? Are you stoked about this new app? Would you love to play it on your course? Or do you think this game is lame and you would never play it on a golf course?

Pokemon GO is the best thing to happen since Nintendo!

I’d rather break a club before I download the app. I’M AN ADULT.

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