WATCH: Linebacker A.J. Hawk tackles fan at celebrity tournament

Linebacker A.J. Hawk was only one of many celebrities who attended the American Century Championship today. But when the footballer stepped up to the tee, more than than balls went flying.

I bet the pro’s hate it when their fans flip out. LOL. I guess it’s different when they’re doing the flipping.

Here’s another angle:

@bengals linebacker AJ Hawk vs. the bubble. AJ won. #accgolf

A video posted by Edgewood Tahoe (@edgewoodtahoe) on

The best activities happen when celebrities are on the golf course.

Now watch the linebacker tee off:

@bengals linebacker AJ Hawk tees off on hole 6. #accgolf

A video posted by Edgewood Tahoe (@edgewoodtahoe) on

Who needs form when you have arms the size of small trucks? The guy has skills and gave the gallery a show. What a guy.

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