Andrew “Beef” Johnston shows off his home, cements Tour legend status

Beef opens his fridge: “More chocolate and beer, really. That’s my staple diet.” Welcome to cribs with one of Europe’s most popular players.

BEEEEEFFFF first came to our attention after his Spanish Open win. In an interview he spoke of his intention to get back to North Mid and get hammered“, a promise he kept the following week and just like that a star was born.

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He brings something that is often missing from professional golf, normal bloke-ability. It’s hard not to be a fan when you look at his hilarious list of antics: like when he revealed his drunken mistake of a tattoo and his decision to miss a practice round with Rickie Fowler because it was too early. It really is the small things that make him so popular.

Check out a tour of his home, delivered with Beef’s trademark ease:

“This is where the magic happens,” he says with a grin. “This is where I constantly get 10 hours of sleep. Every night. I love my sleep.”

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