WATCH: Rory McIlroy flexes for the camera as big FU to haters

Leave it to Rory McIlroy to flex his controversially huge (for a golfer) muscles after leading the PGA Long Drive Contest today at Baltusrol.

Rory’s muscles have been a seriously hot topic as of recent and I think it’s gotten out of hand. He can work out as much as he wants and if it affects his game then so be it, but he’s the one that will decide what he wants to do with his body.

When the first few haters came out and said something about his muscles, what did Rory do? He posted more videos of him working out. People say that his shirts are too tight and that he’s showing off his pecs too much, what does Rory do? He bombs his drive 345 yards to lead the PGA Champ Long Drive competition.

Done and done. Here’s another angle of him basically flipping off every naysayer out there:

Rory, you da man!

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