Andrew “BEEF” Johnston once tried to outdrink John Daly “and that didn’t pan out too good”

Germany, 2012 BMW International Open —  Beef was making his 12th European start when he decided to approach John Daly: 

“I read your book,” Beef said. “I’m a big fan.”

“Cool,” replied Long John.

Three years later their paths would cross again. This time, they were playing together at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.

“He kicked my ass,” Daly recalled, but they had a “blast” and dinner was arranged.

“He … thought he could drink whiskey like me,”“And that didn’t pan out too good. It was so funny.” “He came over to the hotel, we just started drinking and listening to music. He tried to keep up — and he just couldn’t.”

John Daly

It makes you wonder who could keep up with the “Wild Thing”. The veteran once claimed he can drink 35-40 beers in a single day, which explained his horrifying gambling losses between 1991-2007 – $55 million to be exact.

I very much doubt that Beef shares this vice – his penchant is red meat – and it’s impossible to know if he also thinks sex can help his golf game. What is certain is that they both share the same cult status. The popularity of Beef is reminiscent of Daly back in the day, two normal guys who could never be bookmarked as boring.

“He’s a people person. He loves people and he loves people to root for him. That’s just the way I was. “To get the crowd on your side, it’s not like you have to try real hard. You just got to be nice and try to sign as many autographs as you can and wave to them. That’s all they want.”

John Daly

Beef admitted he probably hasn’t been very sensible in his handling of all the attention. He spent so long signing autographs during Tuesday practice it took him 4 and half hours to play 11 holes.

“It’s just a thing of trying to get the right timing to spend time with all the fans because I love it. I absolutely love it. And it means so much to me. But at the same time, you’ve got to get your practice in as well,” said Beef, Wednesday.


Beef, who signed an endorsement deal with American fast-food chain Arby’s, is convinced he won’t let the attention get to his head:

“I want to come away and look back in so many years and think, yeah, that’s been a great time on the golf course. And not going, oh yeah, well, it was good for a period of time but we had a good laugh.”

Andrew “Beef” Johnston

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