The PGA just asked people to “caption this” on Twitter…it didn’t go well

As in most cases, their intentions were pure…

The PGA genuinely believed they were catering to a mature audience. And indeed 65-year-old Bob, a self-described Christian, grandfather and golfer from Oklahoma followed through with an innocent description: “Live long and prosper,” he posted, referring to Spock’s iconic hand gesture.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 18.12.46

What followed was a succession of hilariously filthy comments:

The poor social media manager at the PGA quickly took the post off Instagram, but Twitter is still going strong.

This very comment was on repeat…

Safe to say the creator will learn a valuable lesson. People may tell you that golf fans are mature, sensible and conservative, but if you throw them a bone with some unfortunate euphemisms, expect some childish reactions.

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