Rickie Fowler is back on Snapchat making fun of Jordan Spieth’s slow play

We all remember the SB2K16 crew “dad bod” squad tearing it up in the Bahamas this spring break. Well, now they’re back, taking the piss out of Jordan and indulging in some general tomfoolery.

It’s no secret that Jordan is a “slow and steady” wins the race kinda guy, whereas Rickie is famously rapid-fire when it comes to time taken. Slow play is an issue in golf, and to be fair to Jordan, he did admit it was something he was trying to address.

In a recent article we decided to ask if you thought Jordan Spieth and Jason Day played too slowly. We had a mix of responses in the comments section, but ultimately 73% of you agreed that their pace of play was unacceptable.

Perhaps having a joke about it will encourage Jordan to speed it up.

Jordan Spieth was the only member of the group who teed off in the afternoon yesterday. That left Fowler, Kaufman, and Thomas in a house without him. They spent the afternoon playing a little indoor soccer and watching the rest of the golf.

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