Pro golfer went off on the PGA during the weather delay

Weather is something that no one can control, no matter how upset it makes you. Delays in play are the worst for golfers on any level, but on the professional level, it gets a bit testy under those tents.

At the PGA Championship today, Baltusrol got soaked and the players had to take a seat. Some players got innovative while waiting, like Henrik Stenson, who chipped under a tent!

Bah-dum CHHH.

The stop only lasted about 50 minutes but one golfer, Colt Knost was not happy with having to play in the rain before the horn was blown as the first group to go out.

It wouldn’t be a major without some controversy, now would it?

Apparently the PGA had changed the pin placements of a few holes before the play started this morning.

It’s possible that as a part of the first group out, Knost did not receive an updated pin placement sheet. So although the pins were changed before play and not during the delay, a group was penalized for being the first ones on the tee box.

Knost ended up sending out another tweet defending himself because people on the twat basically called him a b*tch for complaining.

Definitely not out of line at all and the PGA should be slapping themselves on the wrist for forgetting something like that because it should be a fair field for everyone.

Sh*t happens though and all you can do is keeping pushing on with what you’re given. I’m sure he now has an updated sheet and thankfully the weather looks clear for the rest of the tournament.

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