Player shows how you deal with a stupid screaming fan

The Ryder Cup always gives the occasional idiot some undeserved limelight. Here’s Graeme McDowell’s solution. 

Unfortunately golf isn’t immune from assholes. People who shout “GET IN THE HOLE!” “MASHED POTATOES! or “BABA BOOEY!” are the dregs of the golfing community. You’re not funny, you’re not witty, you’re just a stain on the viewing experience.

Graeme McDowell didn’t hold back when he was faced with this one inane scream earlier in the year. “Baba F**king Booey” he said, after having to digest the grating scream. G-Mac had just watched his tee shot on the land safely on the green. This is the attitude some of the Ryder Cup guys need to use when they face a grown man in a 12-year-old’s body.

I loved watching G-Mac put this clown in his place.

Here’s the best response to someone shouting “GET IN THE HOLE”?

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