The new smart golf shoes you need if your swing sucks

Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their swings and their golf game in general. Well look no further. IOFIT, a Samsung spinoff, has created a brand new golf shoe to cure the woes of the average golfer.

They just launched their product for pre-sale on Kickstarter. The shoes have already broken the goal to get $30,000 in funds and some semi-pros are on board as well.

What makes these shoes so special is that they use smart technology to tell you everything you need to know about your swing with sensors inside the soles. These weight distribution sensors send information straight to your phone or tablet letting the user see their data immediately. You can also share your data with your coach or friend and compare the information easily and seamlessly. This is bringing information the pros have already to the average Joe Shmoe on the course.


You can take them on the range or the course. They are weather proof and made to stand in wet bunkers and rain. The shoes are described as being both comfortable and lightweight with a high level of traction and a breathable lining.

One set back is that they are battery powered and need to be recharged after five days of use, assuming you average 2-hours of use per day. If you’re playing a round and the shoes run out of juice, you’ll be left with comfortable and stylish golf shoes. Not the worst thing in the world.


With the variety of styles and price point of $189 for the early bird special, these are an incredible investment for your feet and your golf swing.

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