Irish boxer uses Rory McIlroy’s ex-fiance to roast him in hilarious tweet

Rory McIlroy received some serious flack from fellow Irish athletes for skimping out on the Olympics.

Boxer Paddy Barnes used Caroline Wazniaki, Rory’s ex-fiance, as a way to call him out.

Teammate Michael Conlan had something to say to Rory as well, this time using fellow golfer Rickie Fowler as bait.

These Irish Boxers have some hilarious issues with McIlroy for missing the Olympics. After these two tweets you would think that Rory would be K.O.’d but you would be wrong!

Rory’s response is everything!!

OHHHH. Paddy Barnes has two bronze medals, so maybe this summer will be his year to get the gold! If he does, he’ll have to share it with Rory.

Rory may be afraid of the Zika virus but he’s not sweating over some Irish boxers.

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